Yesterday I wrote about the merits of upgrading to Windows 8 for gaming. The conclusion drawn is that there probably won’t be much enhancement to the gaming experience, but it won’t be any worse either– other than a few small bugs at first. What about a gaming tablet though? I have a feeling that many companies might come forward in the near future with tablets geared towards the hardcore gamers.

Imagine an Alienware tablet with a Core i7, 8GB of RAM, for example. Sure it would be bulky, sure it would run very hot even with loud and noisy cooling. Even with its possible faults, there are some in the niche that would buy this kind of thing. For now though, it remains a dream.

One such tablet in works though is the Razer Project Fiona gaming tablet. Remember this thing? We talked about the Fiona back in January of 2012, after that, it disappeared into obscurity.

Razer’s CEO and creative director Min-Liang Tan has confirmed that the tablet is still in the design stages and eventually will be released. The CEO took to Facebook to see if there was still active interest in such a tablet. He was asking for 10,000 likes over a period of seven days to gauge what kind of interest was out there. He quickly received over 10,000.

The Razer Fiona was just a concept in early 2012, that much hasn’t changed. We still can’t say for sure that they are working on it, but they are at least actively continuing to drive hype. The design of this thing is admittedly pretty cool. The joysticks and controls built-in kind of look like the original Wii nunchuk controllers. What kind of hardware is this thing touting? That still seems unclear.

Project Fiona – What kind of pricing and hardware could it bring?

Razer recently released some pretty expensive gaming laptops, could Project Fiona turn into such a high-priced device? The two models are $2,299.99 and $2,499.99 respectively. They have good specs with i7 dual or quad processors– but that’s a lot of money.

If Fiona is aiming for similar specs with a touch screen, could the company be asking close to $3,000 for it? While I’d love to see a premium tablet that can running even the most modern and complex PC games, I can’t see hardly anyone buying a tablet at such a price.

Hardcore gamers might spend $3000 or more on a super-powered time-traveling, ultra-custom 100+-core PC that they build themselves, but paying that price for a touchscreen portable? Yah, not likely. A more fair price for a decent gaming tablet would probably need to be between $1000-$2000 I’d wager, and even that might be too steep for some.

Any Windows8update gamers out there? How much would you pay for a premium Windows 8 x86 tablet that could also be used as an all-in-one PC for keyboard/mouse play sessions?

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