Renren announces social networking app for Microsoft’s Windows 8 store

Cinese social networking site Renren has announced it will create the first social networking app for Microsoft’s Windows 8 Windows store.

They say that the high-def app will feature full integration with the new tablet-friendly platform, allowing citizens to share web pages, pictures, videos and other stuff via the social network in a single click.

“We are very proud to be selected as the first social networking service partner for Microsoft’s new Windows store,” said Joseph Chen, CEO of Renren, in a canned statement.

“Renren shares the vision of Windows 8 in its aspiration to revolutionise how content is delivered and shared between the next generation of digital devices. Renren HD was designed with the same philosophy.”

The application has adopted a tiled user interface that is consistent with Microsofts new Windows 8 Metro theme.

Shares in the Chinese social network rose on the news.