The perils of modern technology. User privacy has always been a hot topic, but the past few years have really seen technology companies getting involved in questionable privacy policies.

Now a new report claims that Microsoft received data collected by Nokia from Lumia users without their consent. All this data and information, it is reported, is stored on servers overseas. And this process has been going on for a couple of years now, ever since the first Lumia smartphone launched.

This report by The Helsinki Times says that user information collected by Nokia is automatically transferred to Microsoft without any user interaction whatsoever:

“Nokia’s top management has known since spring 2011 that Lumia’s operating system transmits a great deal of information about the phone’s user to Microsoft. The company, however, has kept quiet about it, because the matter is embarrassing.”

The newspaper fears that Microsoft might have submitted the collected information to US authorities, as the software titan was already involved in the PRISM scandal.

Nokia, however, has come out and denied this accusation saying that no user information was collected and handed over to Microsoft. However, a separate test performed by the newspaper revealed that mobile phones do connect to offshore servers, and transferred data to Microsoft in the United States.

Expect to hear more on this, if this picks up pace.

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  • WillyThePooh

    MS purchased Nokia. I don’t see a problem Nokia sent data collected to MS. Right now, all companies distant themselves to NSA. I don’t see any reason why MS will send the data to NSA. Probably use the data for marketing.

    • Fahad Ali

      True, now there is no problem. The concern is that this was going on before the deal was finalized or even discussed. But such is the nature of technology these days.

  • Ray C

    Why is this news? They’re same company now. I bet the Android phone makers were passing all kinds of information to Google, and who knows who they were passing ti along to.