Report: Steve Ballmer To Leave Microsoft After A New CEO Is Announced

Let’s start the new week with some heartfelt news. While Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is readying himself to be more involved with the company he so passionately built over the years, it appears something else is also cooking in the Redmond offices.

More specifically, current CEO Steve Ballmer and a few other high-profile executives are ready to part ways with the company once a new leader is found.

If this report holds true, then we can see some new faces running the roost at Microsoft very soon.

Kara Swishers has been in on various details of Microsoft’s CEO search, and she claims to be aware of a completely new aspect of the company’s reorganization — Ballmer will step down from the board of directors when his successor is found.

This news follow earlier reports that Ford CEO Alan Mulally and others were reluctant to take charge of Microsoft because of Ballmer’s influence on the board.

In any case, Ballmer will not be the only one saying his goodbyes.

The story goes that those closest to him will also be gone after the new person takes charge of affairs at the helm of the technology titan. Although it is not clear whether this is indeed their choice or they are facing some pressure from (internal or external) sources, it probably is the latter.

And the aforementioned report also reiterates what we already know — Bill Gates will now be much more visible at Microsoft from now on. I can live with that, I can live with that easy!

What about you guys? Agree with this wholesale kind of change?

Let it out in the comments below.

  • WillyThePooh

    As a new president will bring in new government for a country, a new CEO should also have his/her new chief officers that have the same vision. A problem of an outsider CEO is he/she can’t bring in a whole army of new chief officers. Keeping existing chief officers will make him/her become an one man army. Any smart CEO will not get himself into this mess.