With the end of support of Windows XP fast approaching, businesses and end users are now considering their options when it comes to picking the next version of Windows.

And like always, security plays a very important part in the final decision.

While Microsoft has worked a lot on making its newer operating systems (particularly Windows 8 and Windows 8.1) as secure as possible, a new research reveals that the total count of Windows specific vulnerabilities doubled compared to last year.

This new report (PDF link) is from security firm Secunia, and it shows a rather surprising fact that Microsoft’s modern platform, Windows 8, was the most vulnerable version right now.


A total of 156 glitches were found in this version — and the interesting bit here is that the platform itself is not at fault. Most of these flaws have to do with the integration of Adobe Flash Player in Internet Explorer, which means that Microsoft has to work with Adobe to patch the browser itself.

Anyway, getting back to the double or nothing business, the firm found more than 350 vulnerabilities in Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 — pretty much twice the number from the 2012 figures.


In terms of individual operating systems, Windows 7 had a total of 102 such flaws, up from 50 in 2012. The corresponding figure for Windows XP is 99, also an increase from 49 the previous year.

Luckily, Microsoft deals with most of these flaws as quickly as possible, and only a very limited number of these exploits make their way to the wild and into the hands of cybercriminals and hackers.

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  • Ray C

    Very misleading headline. And if the problem is with IE and flash, wouldn’t the problem be with any version of Windows running that particular version of flash and IE. So, is this same version of flash free of vulnerabilities with other browsers?

  • http://www.keelstech.com/ Lee Keels

    The newest version will ALWAYS be the most vulnerable, since the vulnerabilities are just being discovered and patched!

  • Aaditya Menon

    I think there might be a problem in the PC of the person who took these stats…