Merle McIntosh is a cool cat.

Not only does he have a groovy name, he also has a trendy way of explaining things.

Heck, he also has a very sophisticated job title – Senior Vice President of Product Management at Newegg North America. Nifty!

So when he recently spoke with, he pretty much confirmed what most of us already know: Microsoft’s new OS is really, really slow off the ground.

Newegg is a top Microsoft retailer, and one of the biggest online stores for all things technology. And when they say the Windows 8 is selling far below expectations, it is doing just that.

“So we planned with our partners to be prepared for an explosion.”

“Did we really believe there was going to be one? Even within our own building, there were some people that thought that this was going to be the next coming of God, and other people were saying, this will be the next coming of God, but not until next year sometime.”

“What we wanted to make sure with our own customers and our own business is that we were ready for any event. So yes, we were prepared for some pretty big upside on the software side of the equation, and the hardware side of the equation, and it is has been steadily improving. But it did not explode, as I think you know, coming out of the gate.”

On the flip side, McIntosh expects things to pick up in early 2013, just around the time the hardware industry mounts a recovery.

For everything Microsoft has planned for the platform, let’s just hope it does.

Slow, yet steady, is rarely a bad thing.

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  • Robert Kegel

    Things will pick up. Right now there are just RT devices and some with ATOM processors, I think once the Windows 8 i5 and i7 devices come along they’ll sell well.

    Maybe RT is to much like Windows while not being enough like Windows. Meaning since has desktop but it doesn’t run Windows programs people are turned off by it. If Microsoft would have gone with Windows Phone as the tablet OS it would have been more like an Android or ios tablet and been more popular.

    ATOM processors still have a stigma to them to advanced computer users and people who don’t know computers don’t know ATOM processors. I don’t think Newegg takes sales over the phone, just on their page. Looking at the processor speeds most people will see that the ATOM processor is slower than an Intel “i” processor, that might be a turn off too. I haven’t been to a Microsoft store or Best Buy to try out one of the ATOM based machines so I don’t know how snappy they are.

    I’m personally waiting for a core i5 tablet.