Remember right before Thanksgiving when we mentioned that the Windows 8 Start menu replacement program RetroUI had received a big update? It seems that they have yet another version ready to go with even more changes and additional support.

What’s new? Version 2.2 of RetroUI has multi-monitor support and adds improvements to the overall start menu button and task bar. Additional language support has also made its way over to the program, including Afrikaans, Hungarian and Turkish.

This is a paid program that costs $4.99 but it certainly could be a useful tool for those that just don’t want to jump into a full Start UI experience.

Why would you pay for this when free Start Menu programs exist? The biggest reason is that RetroUI integrates the new Windows Store apps right into its unique start menu. This means you don’t have the full screen Start UI but you still get all of its features.

In contrast, most start menu programs either require you to enter back into the Start UI to use these apps, or simply removes the easy access to them in the first place.

I’ve said this more than once though, for most of us it is probably better to just get used to the new Start UI and use a bit of both desktop and the Start Screen. This is important simply because I have a strong feeling that the day will come when the older desktop is disabled completely.

It will be a much more jarring transition for those that spent years attempting to avoid the inevitable. Does any of our readers make use of RetroUI? What do you think of it based on your use so far? Would you recommend it to others?

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  • beem

    I have an older version installed, I didn’t know there were more updates. Do we get free updates or will it set us back another 4 euro? I don’t utilize the start menu much since my main apps are just pinned to my taskbar, but I couldn’t live without the feature that lets me have Store apps in a window. I would recommend to others, or at least those hesitant to make the immediate change to the default Windows 8 start screen thing. I have see this much update in businesses where user training would otherwise cause headaches for people used to Windows XP and 7.

  • Joshua Hayes

    If I could afford it then I would use RetroUI as well……