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Thinix, the company that gave you RetroUI is now launching RetroUI for Windows Server 2012 as well.

An overview of  Windows Server 2012 since not everyone is familiar with it yet:

  • Server 2012 has no Start Button or Start Menu, just like Windows 8
  • Server 2012 has a Start Screen instead, which runs full-screen (like it or not)
  • Server 2012 also relies on Hot Corners and the Charms bar to do things like:
    • Switch between applications
    • Shutdown, Reboot, Power Off ; buried in the Charms bar
    • Switch back to the classic Windows desktop
  • Server 2012 relies on you configuring shortcuts on the Windows Start screen for applications you need to manage the computer.

Thinx think this is super inefficient.

RetroUI Pro for Windows Server 2012 fixes all these problems:

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  1. Quick to install and configure
  2. Doesn’t modify the underlying security of the Server, and consumes little RAM or system resources.
  3. Brings back the Start Button and Start Menu
  4. Allows you to pin favorite things, and then export your pinned favorites, so that you can use them on multiple servers.
  5. It will ship with all the things you normally need to manage a server pre-pinned (so you don’t even need to take time to configure it) so you can just start using it.
  6. Has an option to allow you to completely disable HotCorners and the Charms bar with a single click.
  7. Start Menu has Metro integrated features, allowing you to access Task Switcher, Search, Charms Bar, and the Start Screen. So, you lose no features by turning off hot corners.
  8. Enforce™, their patent pending technology, forces the Start Screen to be resized so that the Taskbar is always visible. So you can switch back to the classic desktop by clicking the Taskbar (and you have no need for hot corners).
  9. Enforce will resize Metro Apps if you have any installed.
  10. Start Menu settings are per-user, so if you pin favorites in things as Administrator, you can export them and import them in an individual users account also.
  11.  All these features support RDP, and virtualized servers.


This will run on all versions of Windows Server 2012

This will be available later today on their site.

RetroUI for Windows Server 2012

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  1. Thank you for covering the news of our release of RetroUI Pro for Windows Server 2012. RetroUI Pro makes managing Windows 2012 servers bearable again, increasing efficiency and bringing back the common-sense features that Microsoft removed. Give it a try, while it was in private-beta, every network admin that used it said ‘Thank God’. Download a fully functional 7-day trial, at RetroUI.com

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