Reuters Claims Satya Nadella Is All Set For Microsoft CEO Post

Among rumors, leaks and screenshots, one thing is becoming clearer with each passing day. That Microsoft’s search for a new CEO is at an end, with an announcement coming soon.

Two separate reports, one via Reuters and another over at Bloomberg, claim that the company’s decision to select Satya Nadella to take over from Steve Ballmer at the helm is based on the fact that Redmond wants a tech savvy leader at the top.

Nadella is currently in charge of Microsoft’s cloud business, and is seen as the most logical choice to continue the company’s surge towards a devices and services concept.

Born in Hyderabad, India in 1967, the man has been with Microsoft for around 22 years, having joined the company in 1992. But it was only in 2011 actually that he was appointed the head of the server and tools division at the software titan.

The recent reorganization saw this unit absorb the cloud business, with Satya Nadella playing a central role in all this — a role that could soon expand when he takes charge as the CEO.

Still, there are some that believe the task could prove to be just a little bit overwhelming for him.

But Microsoft’s board seems to be willing to take the risk, with co-founder and company chairman Bill Gates promising to work closely with the new CEO in order to ensure a smooth transition, and making sure everything goes according to plan.

The company is yet to make a public announcement regarding Nadella, but with the appointment seemingly a few days away, an official statement could soon be heading our way.