Yes, you heard that right, folks, 30 seconds! Flat. Or even less. This is the promise of a new breed of chargers that could potentially revolutionize the way smartphones, tablets, and laptops are used.

Then again, battery and charging improvements for mobile devices are long overdue.

As this report over at the Wall Street Journal claims, StoreDot, a startup based in Tel-Aviv Israel, has created a lightning fast charger that fully replenishes a mobile phone battery in 30 seconds. It is said to be based on biological semiconductors, made from naturally occurring organic compounds.

These compounds go by the peculiar name of peptides.

So anyway, this new technology can be used to speed up charging times, as well as other things — though the report is light on what these other things are:

“The prototype charger is currently the size of a laptop charger, but the company says it has a parallel engineering effort aimed at reducing its size. The estimated cost will be twice that of an average phone charger, which is up to $30. StoreDot says commercial production is planned for late 2016.”

Here is a video that shows this technology in action:

If this new technology (that is very likely less than refined, in its current state) can charge smartphones in under 30 seconds, tablets and laptops, could potentially be charged in minutes.

Here is hoping some big company does not decide to buy it and make it proprietary. No one likes waiting around hours for devices to charge, or lugging around a charger for that matter.

If things work out as planned, the charging, as we know it, could be totally different two years from now.

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  1. Bill Franklin / April 7, 2014 at 1:07 pm /Reply

    Game changer. Fixing chargers should be the next logical step in making things quicker and instant for our time period. It’s want everyone seems to want and expect. If we can charge our phones/tablets in a few minutes, people will go nuts.

  2. This would almost eliminate the need for car and portable chargers. As long as you can find a wall outlet for 2 minutes, you’ll be fine!

  3. This could revolutionize car technology. I hope Microsoft doesn’t take this lightly, because this could add to their product line and help the brand overall.

  4. There will be a day when cars and things of that size can be charged in a couple of minutes. Amazing technology keeps going.

  5. I’m not overly shocked to be honest! With all the technology we have, I have always wondered why it still takes so long to charge these devices. I’m glad this will hopefully change it.

  6. It’ll be nice not having to plug my phone in before bed every night. One less thing to worry about!

    • Great point, Jake. If I forget to plug it in before bed, I can just charge it while I’m making my coffee and I’m set for the day. Will be really nice.

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