In the grand scheme of operating system market share statistics, how much of an affect do 40,000 new Windows 8.1 tablets have? A rather positive one, all things considered.

While these new additions will barely register on the next batch of data provided by market research firms like Net Applications and StatCounter next month, every little bit helps — more so, as the Windows platform is yet to establish itself on the tablet front.

This new agreement with Royal Caribbean International is a win for Microsoft, as the deal includes no less than 40,000 Windows 8.1 slates that are to be provided to crew members in order for them to perform a number of tasks while on the go.

Quantum of the Seas, the luxurious liner pictured above is the first division that will get these new tablets. The rollout begins in October and is projected to be complete by December.

Microsoft was quick to praise the Windows 8.1 platform, emphasizing that tablets running the modern version of the OS is the perfect choice for crew members to stay in touch with friends and family:

“Royal Caribbean is using technology to transform experiences for guests and crew members, and we’re thrilled to partner with them on their journey. Microsoft cloud and mobile technologies are going to help Royal Caribbean crew members who represent so many countries around the world stay in touch with their family and friends.”

All these tablets come with the standard services like Bing and Skype, along with free copies of Office 365 for enhanced communication and collaboration.

Surprisingly these are not Surface tablets but devices manufactured by a partner company. Then again, Surface slates are a tad more expensive than what is available on the market right now.

Keeping in mind the absolute plethora of Android tablets that are available, at all price points from large brand vendors, this can be termed as another big coup for Redmond.

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