Rumor: Ballmer will leave Microsoft after Windows 8

As a prominent blog that has covered Windows 8 from the very beginning, we tend to get a lot of rumors sent to this site every week.

I tend to ignore 99% of them as they can’t be verified or don’t seem credible in any way shape or form.

This one however seemed to have a tinge of truth to it so I thought I would share it with you.

NOTE: This is a rumor – we are not stating it to be the truth.




Steve Ballmer and Steven Sinofsky

Steve Ballmer and Steven Sinofsky




We got a tip from a source (who shall remain nameless) that Steve Ballmer is set to resign as CEO of Microsoft sometime after the launch of Windows 8.

The source indicates that whether or not Windows 8 is received as a success in the marketplace, Steve Ballmer sees it as his final accomplishment at Microsoft.

If it is successful, it will be the perfect time to leave on top and it will be his legacy – the successful reimagining and reinvention of Windows.

If it is not successful, the calls for his resignation will be deafening and it will be an appropriate time to hand the reigns over to someone else.

Here’s where it gets interesting.

The source also said that Steven Sinofsky is absolutely the number 1 pick to take over as CEO after Ballmer but there is one MAJOR caveat – also, the success of Windows 8.

Steven Sinofsky, more than any other Microsoft executive is associated with the development of Windows and it will be absolutely impossible for him to get the top job if Windows 8 is not successful.

Bottom line (according to this source), Windows 8 is a risky bet for both men.

One more time, This is a rumor – we are not stating it to be the truth.

As they say though, where there’s smoke…

What do you guys think about this?

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