Today on Square Trade’s Facebook page I saw this picture. The interesting thing about seeing this on Square Trade’s page is they are a Warranty company.

The only thing that was said about it is “Rumor has it Samsung is working on an “unbreakable” phone.

Would you try it out?”

If Samsung is making a Windows Phone with a bendable screen this could be the break that Microsoft needs. I can see people a huge amount of these phones being sold. That is if Microsoft made an exclusive deal with Samsung over bendable phones for at least a year.

This actually isn’t the phone I envisioned but it still looks nice. I’d have to see how it is to type on though, unless Microsoft is going to push voice hard and it works well.

What do you think? Is this a winner, something you’d buy? Let me know in the comments.

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  • Misterbear Fapp

    Bendable to what purpose? Will it be a collapsible or rollable phone? Worn as a wrist cuff? A phone that just flops would certainly NOT make me want to buy it. Bending should be part of a unique purpose or new concept not just “I have a bending phone.” If the whole marketing/purpose was a phone that uselessly bends, I think I’d laugh at the stupidity of it, and be extremely disappointed.