Rumor Says Microsoft Will Launch Windows Phone 8.1 In Q2 2014

Out of all Microsoft platforms, Windows Phone became the one that suffered a misfortune delay this year, due to a number of circumstances. Windows 8.1, Windows RT 8.1, along with the server and embedded flavors all made their set due dates.

But the next major version of Redmond’s mobile operating system is widely expected to start arriving on compatible handsets sometimes early next year.

Now a new rumor from a decently reliable source suggests that Windows Phone 8.1 will be officially introduced in the first quarter of 2014, while it will start flying on current Windows Phone handsets a couple of months later, in the first half of next year.

Additionally, the rumor also points to a certain Lumia Black.

This probably is the next firmware and software update from Nokia (similar to the Amber and Bittersweet Shimmer updates before it) and is expected to arrive in the first quarter of 2014 — a rather peculiar timeframe considering Windows Phone 8.1 is slated for the second quarter.

Anyway, these are the earliest of rumors, and no official confirmation is provided on either of these, so take them with a generous helping of salt for the time being.

But one thing is certain. The Windows Phone platform is due for an update like this, and the sooner it starts landing on user handsets, the better.

  • Ray C

    Early Q2 I hope

  • John

    nokia black is the gdr3 update.