If you have not had your fill with the couple of recent technology mergers, like Western Digital buying Hitachi, or Microsoft snapping up Nokia, then this rumor may just do the trick.

Word is that the technology landscape is about to change as two popular and known global brands are contemplating to merge together β€” ASUS and Acer may decide to become one in the near future.

Acer has, obviously, made quite a name for itself in hardware like displays and PCs, particularly laptops. ASUS on the other hand also makes these devices, along with other items like graphic cards and motherboards.

So when rumor says that both companies may merge together, it could also mean that ASUS may be doing the buying, as it is the larger of the two companies.

And this is no ordinary speculation out of the blue, either. It has quite some weight as this news comes straight from ASUS chairman, Johnny Shih. When questioned about a possible merger, Shih remarked that the industry is going through a transition, and people should keep an open mind about a merger.

But while ASUS is one of the two motherboard leaders (the other being Gigabyte), its main business does not seem like it will reach the heights of previous years, considering the recent shift towards mobile devices.

Acer is going through a similar patch, and both companies may decide on some sort of an alliance.

Either way, both brand names are strong enough around the world that neither will disappear outright. It may be a Microsoft Nokia sort of deal where ASUS buys Acer and lets it continue as a separate unit.

And of course, there is also the possibility of neither of these scenarios panning out, considering this is only a rumor for now. But if it does, the technology landscape, as mentioned above, may change a fair bit in the coming years.

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