Microsoft has already confirmed that it plans to release the final RTM version of Windows 8.1 to OEMs on one fine August morning. General availability of the operating system should follow soon after that.

A new rumor — emphasis on the word rumor — claims that the technology titan has signed off on the final RTM build of Windows 8.1, and will deliver the build to OEMs on August 16.

This report comes from a Russian language website,, which further claims that the news was first posted on a Russian forum by a famous Microsoft news leaker. The build number of the RTM version is stated to be 9500.10554.

Redmond has been, these past few weeks, working on fixing the various bugs that have been reported by users that have installed both Windows 8.1 Preview and Windows RT 8.1 Preview.

Obviously, file this unconfirmed report as a rumor for the time being, but if true, it ties in perfectly with Microsoft’s timeline to get its upcoming operating system out to OEMs so the can bring a new wave of devices to the market, just in time for the general availability of Windows 8.1.

Speaking of which, the general availability of the OS is said to be soon after the operating system hits the RTM stage, with insiders claiming that Microsoft is keen to get the first upgrade to Windows 8 out in the hands of the users as soon as possible.

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  • Janna Lyn Nassida

    Windows 8 is a complete train wreck. The graphics are hideous-games freeze & drag & I play easy games like “Candy Crush” on Facebook. Even the solitaire games constantly freeze-click-drag. I can’t imagine the action-packed zombie games etc. What is Microsoft doing about it? anything? Is this Windows 8.1 supposed to fix it? I’m sorry I purchased not just 1, but 2 computers w/this operating system. To get windows 7, they gouge on the price to the point it’s unaffordable. I purchased “Geek Squad” tech support & the only solution I get from them is “Call Microsoft”. ANOTHER WASTE OF MONEY. I am extremely uncomfortable w/someone who obviously is not even located in this country-remote accessing my computer. None of the pre-installed apps work. Once again, when I contact their tech support, they have no idea how to fix it & tell me to “Call Microsoft”. Then you’re on hold forever & then the you have to decipher what tech is saying threw their accent. You can’t even understand when they ‘spell’ the word….their accents carry over to the alphabet. AND I’m supposed to trust them w/all my personal information. This is a waste of time-energy & MONEY. I’m completely disgusted. Does anyone know is Micrsoft is standing by their reputation & fixing this or are we stuck w/this hideous operating system?