Some rumors are too good to believe, while others are too good not to.

File this one under the latter category. As the world eagerly awaits the Surface Pro line of tablets, most signs are pointing to an early 2013 release. Microsoft, however is reportedly trying to get the devices in our hands a fair bit sooner.

Digitimes reports that Microsoft has decided to slash the Surface RT orders in half and instead focus on launching the Surface Pro earlier instead. Most likely next month just in time for Christmas in a bid to attract as many buyers as it can.

Sales of the Surface RT tablets are not going as planned, as people and businesses are skipping on the device to wait for the Pro version. Microsoft had initially placed orders for 4 million units, but the report suggests that it will be reduced to 2 million units for the time being.

Not just that, word on the street is that a significant price cut is also planned for the Surface Pro, as Microsoft plans a major offensive to make its Windows 8 platform (and ecosystem) a success. At whatever costs it takes.

Leaked pricing put the 64GB Surface Pro at $870, while the one with the 128GB storage option was said to retail at $975. Newer prices could nevertheless worsen Microsoft’s already shaky relationship with other notebook vendors. Point.

It’ll be interesting to hear comments if you are planning on a Surface Pro tablet soon. What’s your ideal price, and what’s the maximum you can pay for both versions?

Comments on a self-addressed postcard, please.

Or down below.

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  • 1stkorean

    Having seen the Surface RT in San Francisco and was impressed with it, however I am more impressed with the Surface Pro and held off on the RT version. A significant price cut could spur me into early adoption even pre ordering sight unseen. I would like to see perhaps $699.00 (roughly ₩757,268.65 KRW) for 64GB, but if wishes were horses, beggars would ride!

  • holsen

    I’d go 1100 for the 128GB Pro with Type Cover. I just got delivery of the Samsung Smart PC XE500 and happily paid $750 for it and was prepared to get another Sammy the Smart PC PRO when the Haswell chip lands in the spring. But it battery life is good I can see myself getting the Surface Pro. There’s a lot of talk about the poor Sales of Win 8 and Win 8 Devices and I think it has a lot to do with the unavailability. Excepting the RT – ASUS hasn’t got a device to be seen anywhere but on its website. I believe there has been a lot of pent up demand for non RT tablets and the lack of availability has quenched the fire.

  • Steven Laskoske

    I’m willing to say $1100 with the Type Cover.