Rumor: Windows 8 Beta to be shown at PDC 2011

So there is speculation that Microsoft may release Windows 8 at this years PDC (Professional Developers Conference) 2011 event.

This years Professional Developers Conference will kick off September 13 and run through to September 16.

It’s important to remember that Microsoft debuted the first public beta of Windows 7 at PDC 2008.


  • marc3l

    If they will be releasing the first beta of windows 8 in September, what will they do in the meantime? They are halfway Milestone 3, and the transition from Milestone 3 to Beta 1, will not take 5 months, I guess?

  • Guest

    If you looked WPC 2011 – there one of the vice president of windows division group said that they will release windows 8 public beta on PDC 2011 13-16 september, it is also called as build Event, this event will take place on California – Anaheim.

    I have also heard that Microsoft will release on this event (PDC 2011) those products beta verisions:
    Visual Studio 2012 beta, Office 2012 beta, Windows Server 2012 beta