Take this one with a mountain of salt, a pinch or tablespoon just won’t cut it. Everyone and their pet dogs know that Microsoft is currently working on two versions of Windows consecutively.

One is Windows Blue (or Windows 8.1), and another is Windows 9.

While the former is an update to Windows 8, the real successor is Windows 9 — an operating system we know little about. Other than the fact that development on it picked up pace right after Windows 8 was delivered to the masses on one fine day in October 2012.

But speaking of Octobers, a new rumor has floated up regarding Windows 9.

A new report over at DigiTimes claims that Microsoft is hard at work on the next version of its flagship operating system, which it believes will serve as the next-generation Windows.

While this surely is not the first time we’ve heard something about Windows 9, the report above seems to suggest that the next version of Windows might be released in October. October this year, meaning Windows 9 may hit store shelves only two months after Windows Blue.

Previous rumors claimed that Windows 9 is in development for a November 2014 release.

Microsoft, expectedly, will not be entertaining these rumors with a comment any time soon, that’s a given. But nevertheless, a release window (pun always intended) this soon could come with its own set of pros and cons.

If something like this were to transpire, this would mean that Windows Blue (or Windows 8.1) is just a minor upgrade that Microsoft would deliver for free, with the intention of opening up new opportunities on tablets, small and large.

Windows 9, on the other hand, will become the true successor of the Windows operating system, and upgrades like this would be delivered on a yearly basis.

Of course, we will not know anything solid until some official word comes around.

But in the meantime, feel free to share your thoughts on the matter. Do you believe this is something Microsoft could pull off? Or this is just another diddlysquat and Redmond will stick to its previously rumored schedule? Sound off below.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/kanok.timkhlai Kanok Timkhlai


  • http://tranceworldnow.wordpress.com/ Robert Trance

    I believe in 8.1 upgrade, the plan was known for a long time, i do not believe in 9, at least not that soon, yet.

  • WillyThePooh

    Doesn’t make sense of bringing out win9 just 2 months after win8.1.

  • Simon Tupper


  • Shambels

    They arnt going to call it windows phone 9….and whatever they call it the current wp8 devices will be upgraded as well.

  • sourabh

    I hope it is coming as upgrade to current windows phone 8…

  • evileh

    Like the majority of the commenters, I’m doubtful that it’d be released that early.

  • http://www.keelstech.com/ Lee Keels

    Wow, proofread much? “Consecutively” would mean they are NOT working on 8.1 and 9 at the same time…if they are working on both, it would be “concurrently” or “simultaneously.”

  • Philip Burrows

    My god in these times of severe cuts and austerity of the likes we have never known along come Microsoft and are ready to grab yet more money from people I wonder what is thier mindset relasing this in such dire times.