Here is one that goes with half a pound of salt. The first major upgrade to Windows 8 (codename Blue) is set to hit the market sometime this year, and with it is said to come an army of new Surface devices.

One of them is said to be the Surface Mini — and Microsoft is said to be pondering a $249 price tag for the 7-inch slate powered by Windows Blue.

Windows on a 7-incher at that price? Where do I sign up?

A report over at Press Blue suggests that such a device could hit the market before year’s end.

It is no secret that along with several improvements and enhancements to Windows 8, the upcoming Blue edition could see a number of major changes for many other Microsoft products, hardware and software.

The rumors of new additions to the Surface family have been going on since late last year. And not just that, several Microsoft executives have regularly confirmed that more Surface products are very likely.

All things considered, a Surface Mini at this price range could very much be a possibility. And if so, it could make such a slate a powerful rival for the iPad Mini, which currently starts at $349.

As always, Microsoft remains totally mum on this subject. In fact, Redmond is completely tight-lipped on the Blur subject itself, even though the cat already is out of the bag. Nevertheless, it is only a matter of time before we get some more clues straight from the technology titan.

What say you guys? Game for a well-designed Surface tablet at this price point? Sound off in the comments section below.

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  1. It’s still Windows 8. Windows 8 machines have less market penetration than did Vista at this time in the sales game. Vista was an utter business failure. That tells you what you need to know about this product.

    Classic Shell, baby. Classic shell. If you’re an IT guy/gal, you’ll know what that means.

    • This is very likely the Surface RT 2. Actually Windows 8 will soon pass Vista’s rate of growth during it’s first couple years, and with 8.1 coming out, they could move to 10-15% share quicker than many people think, not to mention support for XP ending. Windows 8 was also a bigger change than Vista, so people had more to get used to. But that is a completely other matter. We’re talking about a smaller Surface with hardware and software improvements, priced lower than the iPad mini. Microsoft had the Surface RT price too high or way too long, and they were only competing for 30% of the market with having no smaller tablets. Finally a small tablet, the RT 8.1 update, priced where it should have been priced a long time ago; this is a formula for success. As long as they keep the Surface and Surface Mini at a competitive price, we will see growth in Windows 8. Not to mention a lot of people are waiting on 8.1, and the holiday season is fast approaching. A lot is actually working in Microsoft’s favor that people think.

  2. As a very happy Surface RT user, this sounds great. I love my Surface, but can’t afford (or don’t want to afford) more than one in my household. A $250 version would be great for the kids.

  3. Mahesh Kondraju / April 6, 2013 at 12:56 pm /Reply

    first check your grammatical mistakes mate.

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