Rumors for Windows 8: Windows 8 really might not be the final name

Another tip from my source “Ryan”.

According to him, the moniker Windows 8 is not at all certain at this point.

He says there are several camps in Microsoft who are for and against the number moniker.

Some feel the continuity is good from Windows 7 and others feel that they need to get off this number train sooner rather than later.

There are several names in the mix but apparently the name battle has been pushed back for a while as (relatively speaking) it’s the least of Microsoft’s problems right now…

I’ll let you guys know if I hear any more. If you have any more tips for this blog, use the contact form and send me an email…

  • Philip

    Not a big surprise… That would lock them into this numbering scheme for a while…

  • Anon

    -_- All I can say is wow….. If you couldn’t put this probability together from the beginning I am afraid as to who is writing these articles.

  • xinu

    Dont like windows 365, what will they call the next windows version after that? Windows 365 R2?

  • Guest

    too much like xbox 360. i dont think they will do that