First China. Then South Korea. And now Russia. The Russian government has been in the news these past few months for a variety of reasons, and now you can add another one to the list.

Basically, politics is, once again, being mixed with computing technology.

A new bill is being drafted in the country that aims to push government agencies and state run enterprises to favor local providers of hardware and software — authorities want to support local vendors, as opposed to importing goods from the United States.

This is amid the newly­ announced sanctions that have been announced against Russia.

In retaliation, Russia plans on limiting use of US based hardware and software solutions, including products from companies like Microsoft, IBM, HP and Oracle.

Interestingly, the bill only aims to give preference to local vendors, and does not outright ban on use of imported products. In the words of Andrey Chernogorov, executive secretary of the commission:

“This all has to do with sanctions. Given the current international tensions, substituting imports with local software and hardware becomes the key to ensuring self-sufficiency.”

It is not exactly clear whether Russia has any sound alternatives to the Windows operating system, or whether the government plans on developing one. And considering the scale and time needed to successfully deploy alternate solutions, it might take years before an impact is felt.

Nevertheless, the situation is less than ideal, surely it is.

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  • Lars

    Not a surprise. Two of the most controlling governments out there are trying to move people away from American companies. Dumb move by them, but Microsoft will survive.

  • WillyThePooh

    Logical move as computer systems are so important for the operation of a government nowadays. Any government would like to take control their own computer system if possible. Just like they would like to manufacture their own weapon system instead of buying from US.

  • Colin Spencer

    There is a simple solution: Market Microsoft operating systems through a third party in Asia branded differently, and packaged exclusively for China, Korea, and Russia.

  • explorer

    They could switch to alternative OS in a couple of years, but will pay with decreased performance for decades, which makes such move highly controversial.

  • Fred Patrick

    It`s best to move away from those with ulterior motives

  • Adam Rochefort

    Are they not busily purchasing large amounts of typewriters as well? For Russia, backward is the new forward.

  • Musonda Chisha

    They will most likely promote ReactOS which is currently in development and is at Alpha stage.