Russian Hackers can Fully Access Your Skype Account, All that’s needed is an Email Address

Microsoft Windows 8 and RT might reportedly be the most secure generation of Windows yet, but apparently that same security level doesn’t apply to Microsoft’s popular Skype application. It is now reported that Russian hackers have found a method that allows access to any Skype account and will allow them to take full control, all they need is your email address.

Microsoft is now aware of the issue and is taking steps to address the issue. For the moment they are disabling password reset on Skype accounts until they investigate and fix the issue. This is a pretty big problem, but it sounds like Microsoft is taking the situation seriously and will likely make it a non-issue soon enough.

In the meantime, what can you do to better protect yourself? Ensure that your email address isn’t easy to guess. You can always go to your profile page, add a new “harder to guess” address and delete the old one.
The big deal here is that Skype stores full conversation history in the cloud, so any important information (banking, sensitive information, etc) could be up for grabs by these hackers. This probably won’t do much for easing the transition away from Windows Live.

There have been a small group of “faithful”Windows Live messenger and don’t want to migrate over to Skype. This will certainly add fuel to that fire. It’s clear that Microsoft needs to take care of this quickly.

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