The smartphone is just 20 days on the market, but it definitely seems to be exceeding any and all expectations, both from Nokia as well as analysts. In fact, the device is selling out everywhere.

Call it high demand or short supply, but obviously it is making a lot of people happy.

Nokia, for its part has been quiet on the numbers, but market reports are claiming well over 2.5 million orders for the main carriers and leading retailers — a big number for the Finnish company, which has had it very hard these past few years as it surrendered its crown to the likes of Apple, Samsung and HTC.

To put this into perspective, Nokia sold only 2.9 million total Lumia devices in the fourth quarter last year. This is the full range of Lumia devices, people, set to be surpassed by just the Nokia 920 in these last two months of this year.

Nokia is now gearing up for launching the Lumia 920 in mainland China sometime in December. That could very well help push the sales of the smartphone over the 3 million units mark, exceeding even the company’s own anticipation.

This success ultimately bodes well for Nokia’s and improves its chances of survival in the very completive (and truth be told, ruthless) cell phone market.

The short supply is still a challenge that the company will have to overcome to keep up this pace.

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  • garak0410

    I got one on launch day and my wife did the next week. My mother in law and sister in law loved ours so much they got their 920’s today.