I’ve heard of Secondhand Lions, but secondhand operating systems licenses work too. Particularly if they are used by the Windows XP user base to upgrade their old installations to a new version of the OS.

Microsoft, for obvious reasons, wants to see most of these users upgrade to Windows 8.1, but information coming from companies that provide migration services for Windows XP users confirm that Windows 7 continues to be the number one destination for the majority.

Value Licensing is one such company that provides these services, by selling secondhand Windows 7 licenses that are obtained from bankrupt or liquidated firms.

And in a new interview, the company says that sales of these used Windows 7 licenses increased by 11 percent in the second quarter of 2013, 38 percent in the third, and a massive 66 percent in the fourth.

In fact, a 20 percent increase is now expected here.

Jonathan Horley, the managing director of Value Licensing terms the user interface of Windows 8.1 as being alien to users coming from Windows XP — which is unsurprising when you consider just how much of a jump Windows Vista and Windows 7 were from the old operating system.

Users, Horley has found, are much more eager to get to the familiar shores of Windows 7.

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  1. Well, of course there are probably many more companies that went out of business who were running Windows 7. There probably aren’t many Windows 8 second hand licenses even available.

  2. I guess this makes sense considering the XP news. Also, the fact you said these licenses are selling for cheap, make it even less surprising.

  3. What exactly are secondhand licenses, David? Is it licenses owned by someone who sells it to someone else after owning it?

  4. Are these secondhand sales reliable? How can they be verified? Have there been any reported issues surrounding them? Thanks in advance!

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