Despite the fact that Microsoft is ready to announce Windows Phone 8.1 in just a few days, there are hints that an upcoming smartphone from Samsung will come without the new mobile OS.

Samsung has not released a Windows Phone handset for eons now, and it appears the South Korean company cannot wait to show its newest creation to the world. Going by the very inspiring name of the Samsung ATIV SE, this Verizon Wireless device has been in the news for weeks.

Details about this particular smartphone have leaked out multiple times up until now, and it even made it in a press render that reportedly shows what kind of a build the company is going for.

But while we have a fair idea of the outer hardware of the device, the inner software has so far been under wraps. There has been news that the phone will feature the latest version of Windows Phone (that is Windows Phone 8.1) when it launches, though, making it one of the premiere devices of its kind.

However, this new report over at The Verge claims that the anticipated handset is still on track for an April launch, with one caveat — it will run the plain old Windows 8.

Obviously, users will be able to upgrade it to Windows Phone 8.1 this summer when the mobile update is officially rolled out worldwide. But built in, this new operating system, is not.

Additionally the ATIV SE features the same looks as the Samsung Galaxy S4, the previous generation Android flagship from the company that featured a 5-inch display with full HD resolution. It seems that this is what Samsung is going for, repacking technology to launch newer handsets.

Take all of the above with a grain of salt for the time being, as nothing official has been provided.

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  1. Hardware looks great, but everyone has to be a little disappointed that it won’t have 8.1. I’d rather them wait for the new software to be ready.

  2. If Windows 8.1 comes out soon after this, it will render this phone obsolete in a hurry. The impressive hardware won’t mean nearly as much without the better software.

    • I agree, Bill. However, there is a possibility that Windows 8.1 won’t be ready for a longer time than they’re willing to let on. If that’s the case. This makes more sense.

  3. Why is the name inspiring again?

    • I saw that too. I think, or at least hope, it’s sarcasm. It’s a pretty brutal name in my opinion.

      • I’m pretty sure there was an article on here last week saying how bland and unoriginal the name was. Because of this, I’m pretty sure this is sarcasm, thankfully.

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