The Samsung Ativ Smart PC 500T is a prototype of what we are likely to see a lot of in the enterprise in 2013 – Windows 8 convertibles that can be used as touchscreen tablets or notebooks.

The Smart PC 500T is a nice machine that goes beyond the ideals of the Surface RT and RT-based tablets.  Running on Intel’s Atom Z2760 processor at 1.5Ghz, it packs a lot of power for the full fledged x86 version of Windows 8.

It also uses an SSD drive – all 64GB of it – plus 2GB of DDR3 system memory.  Speakers, 802.11 a/g/g/n, Bluetooth, HDMI, USB port and a large (for a tablet) display at 11.6″ screen all give it a powerful punch.

In an interesting twist, Samsung saw fit to add in the discarded Start button.  Here’s how they put it:

Samsung S Launcher adds a start button to the new Windows® 8 interface so you can navigate the way you know how

That’s not exactly a vote of confidence in Microsoft’s UI philosophy. Hopefully, Microsoft will take the hint from their hardware partner and get a Start Button back in the next Service pack.

The Samsung Ativ Smart PC 500T costs $649.99 at Staples.

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