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Samsung’s Windows 8 tablet was released Friday for the lofty, even princely, sum of $799.99, and will be one of the first of many case studies to come showcasing whether costlier Windows 8 tablets can compete with their less costly rivals.

Analysts have been quick to denounce the cost of Windows 8 mobile devices, insisting they’ll have no luck ousting current champions like the iPad, firmly entrenched as they are with loyal fans and vast app libraries, and that oh-so-important cheaper price point.

For $799.99, the Ativ Smart PC lands you a 1.5 Ghz Intel Atom dual core processor, 64 GB of internal storage upgradeable to 96 GB with Micro SD card, and an 11.6”, 1,366 x 768 HD PLS display.

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There’s 4G connectivity in there somewhere as well. If the specs sound decidedly mid-range-ish, that’s because they are, and Samsung is set to offer an even pricier version of the device in the future, complete with a faster processor, and 1080p screen.

Of course, a big selling point is the Windows 8 OS, which can be upgraded to Windows 8 Pro.

The biggest selling point of the device though is probably its backwards compatibility with programs and applications designed for previous OS’s.

Despite that, and the shiny, new OS smell of Windows 8, it does indeed seem a stretch that the Ativ Smart PC will find anything more than a niche, business-minded audience at that price.

Is the Samsung Ativ Smart PV on your radar at all?

How do you think it compares to the iPad, Surface, and Nexus?

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  1. the whole ironic part about this on Amazon you can get the keyboard dock and it is $749!!! just no 4G

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