Samsung Attacks Microsoft Surface And All Other Tablets In New Ad

I guess when you have a goal of selling hundreds of millions of tablets over the course of a year, then some aggressiveness is in order. Plus, Samsung knows all too well how to play this game.

The Korean giant has just rolled out a new ad for its Galaxy Tab Pro series, and it is taking on everyone. I mean, everyone. The commercial is not particularly well made in the sense that it does not actually show real life situations — even if that seems to be the intention.

Plus it take several liberties along the way as it tries to belittle the competition.

Users of the iPad, Surface, Kindle, are taken to the cleaners here, while users of Samsung devices are shown as being sophisticated. The emphasis is on delivering a big effect to the average Joes of the world, not technology enthusiasts that are fully aware of the capabilities of their devices.

But more on that later, first watch the video below:

It is actually against the Surface that Samsung stumbles, and stumbles badly.

The ad shows an owner of Microsoft’s flagship tablet using a fictional battery dock (created especially for this ad), the keyboard attachment and mouse to work on the Surface slate. The notion being that Surface users can only work on their device with all these accessories.

In fact, one of the Samsung tablet user asks the Surface guy to move his laptop a bit. Ouch.

What’s wrong with using laptops, one may so ask, Samsung?

Technology manufactures often poke fun at the competition, but this one went a little too far, and in the wrong direction too. Your thoughts on this very direct assault, people? Comment away!

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