So, is Windows RT going nowhere?

Samsung may seem to think so.

Samsung has confirmed that it no longer plans to offer its Windows RT tablet, the ATIV Tab, in Germany and some “other European countries.”

Apparently, they surveyed retailers and found there was little demand for Samsung Windows RT products. Samsung also does not offer the Ativ Tab in the US citing customer confusion over what Windows RT is and claiming limited consumer interest in the OS.



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  1. It’s kind of like “Windows 7 Home” edition – not the premium. Nobody really bought it and they found out that nobody really wanted it. They needed a better OS like Premium especially as most people now have mini-networks in their homes, with WI-FI connections for all of their toys – smartphones, smart TVs, tablets, blu-ray with internet connections, gaming consoles, etc. Even virus scan licenses come in 3-packs as standard nowadays. RT was just too limited in scope.

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