It seems the Korean electronics giant has found a shiny new hobby. And that is bashing Windows 8 whenever it can sneak in a chance. In this case, Samsung has attacked Microsoft’s OS twice in two days.

Samsung, it seems, is not one of those companies that believe in Windows 8. Unlike other hardware vendors it has not yet embraced the new operating system to boost its sales. If anything, it has actually decided to stop selling Windows RT tablets in some European countries, including Germany.

This is in addition to it not bringing a Windows RT device in the US market.

Now high-ups at Samsung have started criticizing the new platform. First it was Jun Dong-soo, president of the company’s memory chip division, who, in a meeting with reporters in Seoul, likened Windows 8 to Windows Vista — Microsoft’s biggest disaster in terms of operating systems.

Samsung’s new CEO, JK Shin has joined in the fun, in an interview with the Wall Street Journal:

“Smartphones and tablets based on Microsoft’s Windows operating system aren’t selling very well. There is a preference in the market for Android. In Europe, we’re also seeing lackluster demand for Windows-based products.”

Windows-based products like Windows Phone 8, master Shin? Nokia and friends have are having a joyous ride in most major European markets. Maybe some of this has got to do with the quality and quantity (or lack, thereof) of Samsung devices powered by Microsoft software?

Still, the Windows 8 story is not even half way there yet.

It will be a lot clearer, come the end of the year, where things stand with Microsoft’s newest platform. Same goes for where things stand with Samsung’s plans for Windows powered devices.

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  • DigitalSyrup

    Here’s my two cents. Android phones have been EVERYWHERE for the past 2-3 years. Literally flooding the market. Every year you see carriers with 3 or more iterations of Android phones while Apple and Microsoft were left with the scraps. Older (but still capable) Android phones are transitioning to free contracts. Naturally the average consumer will gravitate to a cheap phone instead of looking at alternatives unless they are tech savvy. The advent of the cheap Android phone put smartphones into the hands of the masses who aren’t very tech oriented, or care about the advantages of a Windows Phone or iPhone. They just want a phone that makes calls, does email, text, and maybe web browsing. I personally know people in my circle of friends who don’t care about the other features their Android phone has and it kills me to see them not exploit it.

    I was an Android owner until I was converted over to a two year old Windows Phone. I was tired of my device force closing apps all the time when my text messages took up too much space on my HTC Desire. Then came the frustration of my phone not being updated past Android 2.3 yet I’m stuck here with 9 months left on my contract. My HTC Desire is gathering dust in a drawer right now. My LG Quantum C900-B runs Windows Phone 7.8 and is the same vintage as my HTC Desire. FULLY software supported by Microsoft. Finally did something right after the Kin and Zune failures. However, with the market being flooded with Android devices, Microsoft needs to start waving their flag in everyone’s faces or else their vendors are going to lose faith and drop them completely.

    That’s not a bad thing though, Apple does quite well on their own but to me, the iPlatform is becoming more niche than mainstream.

    • Salar Shahid

      Agreed. Android is fast becoming a weird animal, while iOS is already a dinosaur that will require some serious rethinking to fix.

    • Shambels

      Nokia is relesing some very inexpensive lumias (520, 620, 720) for people that are prepaid so some of the market share should go for them.

  • tom_401k

    I don’t like windows 8 at all. They called the Aero Glass a Mistake boooooo

    • Simon Tupper

      What was so great abous aero… It was just a gimmick after all… I prefer 8 that is more efficient when you actually use it on a regular basis. But people are too lazy to try…

      • timiteh

        Metro is great when you have a tablet and/or and underpowered hardware with a small screen. On PC with multi 20″ monitor it simply sucks.
        It also sucks on my laptop. Especially the fact that Metro apps are launched while i am in the desktop. If i am on the desktop, and i am over 99 % of the time, i don’t want to have a metro apps launched each time i want to view a photo/video or play a song. Not that i don’t know how to set the O.S to fix this problem but i shouldn’t have to do that if Microsoft didn’t want to force everyone, even those who don’t want, to use and to get used to Metro. When Metro will be much more polished, useful and powerful then i will give it a new try.
        Currently, it simply sucks for what i intend my PC to do.

        • Simon Tupper

          The destop is an ideo of the past get over it, i never use it except when i use office or play a PC game

        • Simon Tupper

          And i can assure you that 99.9% of the population will never use multi monitors… The problem will be fixed and you will be left with windows 7 or an OS of its competitors.

    • timiteh

      I agree. Metro is awful compared to Aero Glass.

  • ac492

    Can’t disagree with the previous comments – however, I know LOTS of people with Android phones, I know just a few people with iphones, most of whom are contemplating changing to Android when their contracts run out, but I only know ONE person who has a Windows phone.

    In respect of phones, I can’t help thinking that Microsoft have well and truly missed the boat and that Apple’s pricing is losing them friends every time a new contract is due.

    • Shambels

      Well I’m a Android user that went WP8 and all in all i love my nokia! MS just has some syncing issues to work out. Allot of my friends are GS3 owners and they really like my phone. Hell some of my friends went to iOS from Android so it a ever changing market.