Samsung is, for all intents and purposes, a technology titan. But right now, the Korean company is a bit of an angry giant. The reason? While it is sitting comfortably on the throne as the king of the Smartphone Mountain, tablets are an entirely different matter.

It is not exactly a top tablet vendor — Apple is. And Samsung want to change this.

As we recently reported, the company is gearing up to put major focus on tablets, going forward, much more than smartphones. Attracting business users is now part of the strategy, and Samsung is said to be preparing 12.2 and 13.3 inch slates for this very purpose.

Now another report claims that Samsung is getting even more serious, and plans to unleash an absolute flurry of new tablet models in 2014, covering all form factors, sizes, platforms and price segments.

Shin Jong-gyu, the president of the IM Division at Samsung Electronics explained the need to rearrange the company’s business strategy, saying:

“The tablet PC market is forecasted to grow more than the laptop PC market and the market for 10-inch or larger sizes will grow more than the tablet PC market as a whole. We will actively respond to the various market demands and gradually increase our strengths with thin bezel and pen functions.”

This ought to be good news overall for Redmond. Microsoft is said to be trying to make the most of the situation, and is reportedly ready to offer its platforms for free for dual boot purposes.

Speaking of dual boots, Samsung is also said to be preparing a brand new tablet — one that has both Android and Windows RT installations, and allows users to easily switch between the two platforms. Details on this are scarce, but with more hardware vendors jumping in, it is only a matter of time.

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  1. Maybe if they would make a Windows-based tablet they could pass Apple. No one is going to make iOs devices but Apple. They sucked that turnip dry converting Samsung phone users to Samsung tablet users. Windows Mobile devices are the only place where there is room for expansion. The only way they will be number one is to flood the market with cheap tablets like they did with phones.

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