Been a while since we have heard something from Samsung. Part of it is because the Korean company is knee deep with the Android platform, on both smartphones and slates.

And part of it is because, the company is far off from its goal of tablet domination.

You may recall that Samsung had pegged the tablet market as the next frontier, and planned to sell a 100 million tablets in 2014. Well, we are more than halfway through the year, and it looks fairly certain that the company will get nowhere near this lofty goal.

Both Apple and Samsung are finding some tough competition in the tablet market.

But the South Korean manufacturer, in particular, is a fair distance away from its ultimate objective of becoming the top tablet vendor. There was speculation that it might be able to ship 60 million units this year, but it now appears that the company might even fail this target.

Sources familiar with the matter claim that Samsung has succeeded in shipping some 20 million units, which represents a healthy growth of 16.6% on the year.

Still, even if the company tries its best, it probably will not be able to sell double this amount in the second half of the year, falling short of its original target estimate. Whatever number it ends up with, will be pretty good, but conquering the tablet market will have to wait.

Which is good news for Microsoft, and the countless other Windows based tablet makers. The market is open, and there is still room for other companies to cement their standing in this key domain.

Plus there is also the small matter of the PC business making a bit of a comeback, and users are also showing interest in large screen smartphones. Tablets still reign supreme, but that is not to say that these devices are not are susceptible to external factors.

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  • Nemo

    In the tablet market right now, it’s apple and then everyone else. They were the first to do it and have established dominance. Windows still has a shot to be a big player as this article indicates. They need to start shooting for 2nd and then go from there.

    • Ray C

      I thought iOs was in second place in tablets. I have to go back and check the numbers

      • CaptainJack

        Worldwide you are correct. I think Nemo may have been talking about the US in particular, where I think iOS is still 1st in tablets.

        • Ray C

          Of course because people here are so Apple-obsessed.

          • Angela

            That’s a whole different argument, but I happen to agree with you Ray! As a whole though, I think the tablet market is still relatively open for Microsoft.

      • WillyThePooh

        OSwise, Android is dominance. But for brand name, Apple sells more than Samsung.