Samsung, one of the biggest names in computing and technology is ready to unleash its tablet assault early next year. It seems like it is ready to try and dethrone Apple as the global leader in slates.

The Korean company has hatched together an elaborate plan to snatch a bigger slice of the pie.

And it will begin 2014 by targeting both ends of the spectrum — budget and high-end. When it comes to the latter, the company is reportedly working on something revolutionary in order to not just beat the Apple iPad but also the slew of premium Windows 8.1 tablets.

One part of the puzzle is AMOLED. Samsung is said to be preparing 8-inch and 10-inch devices that make use of this display technology.

And as this report claims, citing sources close to the matter, that the technology giant is getting ready to launch no less than four new tablet models in the first quarter of 2014.

Going by past rumors, one of this could be the Galaxy Tab 3 Lite, which is expected to be one of the most affordable devices of its kind, with a price tag in and around the $137 mark. Along with this, some specifications of 12.2-inch and 13-inch Samsung devices have also leaked.

But more interesting is the company’s secret weapon — an ace up its proverbial sleeve.

Samsung is said to be preparing a 13-inch device that offers dual boot capabilities between Android and Windows. Throw in a gorgeous AMOLED display, and we just may have something that may grab the attention of tablet buyers the world over.

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  • Ray C

    That’s all nice, but I think they should also focus on being a bigger name in Windows Phone. But this is a good move. Samsung is a respect name in consumer electronics. That’s part of the reason they have almost all the Android market and why Android has had much of it’s success. Anyone who thinks some other company would have been able to be half as big as Samsung in Android is dreaming. The only other company that might have done it is pre-purchase Motorola.