Samsung Preparing Huron, A New Windows Phone 8.1 Smartphone

As far as names go, Huron is an interesting one. It has been reserved for everything from rivers to cities, battleships to microprocessors. And now Samsung has given one of its upcoming handset this very distinct codename.

The smartphone in question is not particularly distinct in terms of hardware — but amazingly, it is reported to be powered by Windows Phone 8.1.

What appears to be a press render has just been leaked by @evleaks, and according to the leaker, the Samsung Huron, also known as SM-W750V is expected to launch around the same time as another anticipated handset, the Nokia Lumia ICON.

And this is rather surprising when you consider the ICON is on track for release later this month, while Microsoft seems to have no plans of officially releasing the Windows Phone 8.1 operating system to consumers until April or May, at least.

Anyway, the Huron, just like the Lumia ICON are to be exclusive to Verizon Wireless.

In terms of hardware specifications, this looks like a midrange Windows Phone smartphone, and should launch with a 4.3-inch capacitive touchscreen. In fact, as the image above reveals, this handset very strongly resembles the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Since more details are not yet available, file this as a rumor, but there is a strong chance that more information will float up in the coming weeks, as we inch closer to the Mobile World Congress 2014.

At the bare minimum, it is a nice change of pace writing about a Windows Phone handset that carries a logo other than Nokia. Sure is.

  • Ray C