Has Samsung Ripped Off Windows 8 Metro Interface For Its New Android UI?

Samsung has outlined grand plans to take over the tablet world, and the company revealed four new models at the CES 2014, complete with a brand new Android interface.

And speaking of brands, it looks like the Korean giant hit too close to Metro this time around.

Yes, the same interface that traditional Windows users are so divided about. The similarities between this new user interface (that Samsung has dubbed Magazine UX) for tablets and Redmond’s Metro design philosophy are too hard to ignore.

Then again, Microsoft did such a good job with the overall design, tiles and all, that Metro has made appearance on kid toys to even some newer desktop software.

As you can see in the image above, the Magazine UX is eerily similar to the tiled based Metro UI that Microsoft has built for its modern operating platforms. It also readily borrows some cues from the popular Flipboard app — maybe that is where the term Magazine UX has come up.

Samsung probably does not care too much about it, as long as it manages to sell tablets.

My big issue is with what the company is calling it. Magazine UX? Really?

Your thoughts on this, folks? Let them fly!

  • Ray C

    It’s funny people will swear it’s some great new idea since it’s Android.

    • Robert Kegel

      If apple did this people would think it was a great idea too. Then apple would say they made this great new UX that they developed. What ever. We’ll see what happens.

      • Fahad Ali

        Well Samsung is pretty okeydokey with this, knowing that Microsoft will not come after it as Apple did. Well, most won’t.

  • Brad

    Since our family is not what one would call well to do, there are some things we have to do without. My wife is a big Louis Vuitton fan, however, she found a bag that looks, smells, feels, talks and acts like a real Louis Vuitton bag. That’s Samsung.

  • Martin Kirk

    Q: Has Samsung Ripped Off Windows 8 Metro Interface ?

    A: No

    • N&LH

      Answer: Yes. Samsung is pioneers in copying work of other companies. Then their fans say “Innovation”