As the company’s flagship smartphone for the year, Samsung launched the Galaxy S4 at a big media event in New York almost two months ago. The Korean titan is back for more now.

The world’s biggest mobile phone manufacturer apparently has a few more products it wants to tell the world about. And the company has just revealed that it will hold a press conference in London on the 20th of June.

Unlike some other hardware makers, Samsung has not left us high and dry. The announcement detailed that the company is set to unveil new products in its Galaxy line, which is powered by Android, as well as its ATIV brand — which actually comprises of all Windows based devices.

You may recall the company announced not so long ago that it would be using the ATIV name for all its Windows based products going forward, including smartphones and tablets.

Anyway, that is all we know at this point, but apparently this is an important event. So important that Samsung will be streaming it live from its YouTube page.

The image that accompanies the press release is actually made up of close up photos of the devices that are set to be announced on June 20. And at least one of the image looks like it is of a notebook-tablet hybrid, but ultimately this is pure speculation at this point in time.

We should have more details on this as the event nears.

What would you guys like to see at this press conference? How about a Windows tablet or hybrid device, or another ATIV Windows Phone 8 smartphone? The comment box below is open for business.

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  • John

    Hopefully the ATIV S2 and the ATIV Note

  • JohnCz

    While I’m sure they will refresh their current Ativ convertibles with Haswell and Bay Trail processors, I most want them to refresh the Ativ S.