Samsung was the very first hardware vendor who made a tablet for Windows 8.

If you followed the Build conference you  must remember  the Samsung slate which was distributed by Microsoft at the Build conference which had Windows 8 Developer Preview pre-installed.

This week at Computex Samsung is showing off a cool looking Series 7 all-in-one PC designed to run Windows 8.

This pc will have a touchscreen support for up to 10 fingers and it will also respond to voice commands,similar to Microsoft Kinect, as said by Samsung.

At present Samsung isn’t revealing  much info  about the product  There’s no official  word from Samsung on what  processor it might have.

There’s also no word on the memory, storage or any other specs.

Hopefully, Samsung will reveal more info about this all-in-one pc and it will go on sale on or around the time Windows 8 is launched in the fourth quarter which is around October 2012.

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