The Korean giant sure has decided on doing something different this time around. Instead of introducing all of its upcoming products at the recently concluded (June 4-8) Computex event in Taiwan, it opted for its own launch event to showcase them.

Several new hardware products are unveiled, and among them are a bunch of Windows 8 devices under the company’s popular ATIV brand.

The ATIV Q, however, is sure to draw the attention of many people. Not just for its amazing display, unconventional resolution and feature set, but also the unusual hinge design.

Let’s just say that the conversion of this 13.3-inch convertible ultrabook is neither done through conventional means, nor is it just limited to just two form factors. This really is out-of-the-box thinking as it comes these days.

The display of the device can be pushed upwards — not just lifted — to reveal the keyboard below. Think of a serving tray sort of design, as can be seen from the image above. The screen can be spun around until it faces the back of the lid, allowing the keyboard to act like a stand.

And speaking of the conversion, it is not just done on the hardware level. The dual-boot means that the device can run both Windows 8 and Android 4.2.2, without the need of a restart or logging off to switch between the two operating systems.

It comes with an application pinned to the Windows 8 Start screen that does this instantly. It is not however possible to run both Windows 8 and Android apps at the same time, for obvious reasons.

Rounding up the other hardware features is the Intel Core i5 Haswell processor (without built in graphics) and a display resolution of 3200 by 1800 pixels. An S Pen stylus is also included. What is not currently known is the memory and storage specifications, along with the price.

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