Samsung Windows 8 tablets for sale on Craigslist – $800

So it’s really funny and not entirely predictable that more and more Samsung Windows 8 tablets are hitting the public marketplace.

I did a real quick search on Craigslist today and found two prime examples.

One Windows 8 tablet selling for $900.

And another one for $800.

Windows 8 Samsung Tablet part 2

Windows 8 Samsung Tablet part 2

You can click on the image for a closer look.

Not too shocking that these will start coming on the market soon.

I’ll wait and pick one up for $300 at some point – Probably in a couple of months…

Slow Friday

  • Windows 8

    That’s too funny. Weren’t those tablets $3500 a few months ago?

  • Dan

    Not really. Unless you want to ell the rest of us where we can get these tablets, then it really makes no difference or sense to say they are available or that you can get one for $300.