No big secret that Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has put consumers at core of everything the company does. And now he is putting into motion some future plans for Redmond.

In a new interview, the company chief said that he wants Microsoft to be loved by users.

Which is to say, the guy wants to change the perception of how the world sees the Redmond based technology titan. And this, Nadella believes can only be done by offering users the solutions to get things done. Productivity, in other words — the secret sauce.

Microsoft is currently going through a major reorganization process, which was actually kick started by former CEO Steve Ballmer. But the new leader has made it clear that he wants to see a Microsoft that simply obsesses over customers.

This is what he said:

“Of course I want (Microsoft) to be loved, but not in a vacuum. In our case it has to be, ‘OK, they are the ones giving me the tools to build my business, to help me shine in my profession, to help me create great success.”

The upcoming Windows 10 operating system, the CEO believes, provides the perfect start for the company to get closer to this vision — putting users at the core of everything, as he likes to put it.

How the new OS manages to get that done will be evident next year once it launches.

But this much is sure that the new Microsoft CEO is making things happen, ever since he took over from the under fire chief Steve Ballmer back in February.

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