Smart men are smart men. And nowhere else was this universal truth verified more than at the special press event Microsoft held recently to announce Office for iPad.

Recently crowned CEO Satya Nadella was the man of the moment at the event.

He took the stage for the first time as Microsoft head this past Thursday and not only introduced Office for iPad, but also spoke at length about the company’s future strategy in the cloud business. And he seems to have impressed a lot of folks that were present in the room.

Several analysts have confirmed that Nadella’s first public appearance fascinated a lot of people who have said that the new leader not only looked confident on the stage, but also outlined a smart strategy for the software titan.

Carolina Milanesi, is a familiar name in the world of technology. The director of strategic insight at Kantar Worldpanel ComTech had this to say:

“He was very confident, obviously a whole different character than Ballmer. Much calmer. Both he and Julie White [a general manager for the Office technical marketing team] spoke very quickly, as if they had a sense of urgency, which they should have.”

Good, good. Focus on the prize!

That being, sending a clear message and outlining a clearer agenda for where the company is going. Sometimes that’s all one needs. Anyway, it will be a pleasure hearing what he has to say at his first BUILD conference as Microsoft CEO later this week.

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  1. Good news to have something different than Ballmer. Nothing against Ballmer, but it’s better to keep the leadership fresh. On top of that, calmness and confidence are two things that I would like to see out of a CEO.

  2. Well, he’s obviously smart enough to be hired as CEO of Microsoft in the first place. The confidence and clearness he’s demonstrated is not as obvious. A good sign, no doubt.

  3. It’s still early. This is a good sign, but let’s see how he does at BUILD. I will be watching and fascinated to see how he does. 🙂

  4. I don’t think we should be that surprised. You typically don’t get to where Nadella has gotten without confidence and the ability to communicate. Either way, good for him.

  5. Emily, your point is a good one. I do think there are exceptions to that rule though. The Philadelphia 76ers President, Josh Harris, is extremely successful and wealthy, but he’s not a good public speaker. In this sense, Nadella is ahead of the game. I hope he proves his ability more at BUILD.

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