Microsoft’s search for a new CEO went through a couple of abrupt changes these past couple of months, but one man, however, never left the frame since the very beginning — Satya Nadella.

And he has just now been officially confirmed as the man to lead the company into the future.

Formerly Redmond’s cloud chief he talked about the challenges of becoming the next Microsoft CEO in a recent interview. Since this was done before his announcement, Nadella does not specifically mention that he is taking over from Steve Ballmer, but still hints at what we can expect in the future.

Splitting things into two, he explains:

“I’d say our current challenge and our current opportunities are the following. You look at, let’s divide it into two parts, on the enterprise side I actually think we’re playing offense. We have a big business, the business I’m associated with closely is 20 plus billion dollars but guess what, there’s two trillion dollars that play in this move to the cloud, so we’re playing offense all the time.”

And then confirming that touch will remain a key focus for the company as it transitions to a devices and services approach, Nadella continues:

“Then on the consumer side, you could say we have devices today and we have a new operating system that we launched, that’s a pretty radical set of bets.

New silicon, new UI, new app model, and the fact that we had had tremendous success with the desktop, people look at that and say, ‘Hey, instantly why is this not at the same scale?’ But we’re not confused that it’s touch first and big screens are all important and we’re coming at it and you’ll see us to continue to innovate on our devices front. So the challenge really, and the opportunity is the devices and services and making progress on it.”

The interview is actually a pretty insightful read, so make sure you do go over it and get a glimpse of what Microsoft could be under his supervision.

Now that he is finalized as the next man to lead Redmond though this most crucial of phases, the general vibes one gets from Nadella is that he is keen to continue the current trajectory, instead of making sweeping changes as some of the other candidates hinted at.

Expect analysts and industry people to chip in with their views any time now.

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  1. Maybe Microsoft needs to make it’s own afforable touch screen monitor or labtop or at least make an affordable screen to sell to OEMs. Maybe parts is something it should look into

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