Satya Nadella To Meet With Wall Street Analysts, Investors

The big day approaches. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is set to talk numbers tomorrow, with Redmond’s financial results conference that has been scheduled for July 22.

Nadella will have to tackle a few tough questions in this meet up with analysts and investors from Wall Street and beyond. In short, this looks to be his most important engagement with financial experts, and he is expected to answer difficult queries regarding the future of the company.

And people are less than pleased.

Michael Cusumano, for instance, who is a professor at MIT Sloan School of Management said in a statement for Financial Times that Microsoft’s job cut of 18,000 is just another step forward. Redmond will have to follow this up with similar moves in the coming months:

“Microsoft has been bloated for 20 years, they have way more people in their product groups than they need. There’s still a long way to go even after these cuts.”

Spoken like a true financial expert!

Word is that Microsoft’s newest job cut affects every single division in the company, including the Windows team. At the same time, the company has closed several other projects and corporate divisions, as part of this recent (and what seems like an ongoing) reorganization.

  • terry10

    I agree with that quote whole-heartedly, which is why I like Nadella thus far. He’s aware of the fact that Microsoft needs to shrink and become more efficient. I think he’s the man for the job.