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Even when Satya Nadella is stating the obvious, he makes sure eloquence accompanies the words he speaks. The Microsoft CEO talked about business recently at an internal company event.

And in the process he shared his thoughts on Google and Apple — Microsoft’s two closest competitors.

He said that even though all three companies often compete for the same goals, they have some differences on fundamental levels. How, you ask?

Well, according to Nadella, Apple is all about the hardware business, while Google on the other hand focuses much more on the advertising side of things. Search, in this aspect remains the focus of everything it does.

Some words:

“To me Apple’s very, very clear, and, in fact, I think Tim Cook did a great job of even describing that very recently where he said they sell devices and that’s what Apple is all about.”

Some more words:

“Google is about being, it’s about data or it’s about advertising, it is about serving you ads in a tasteful way, and they’ve done a great job of that business.”

Web Hosting

Nadella further elaborated on this by reiterating that Microsoft is different from its rivals in how it puts customers at the core of everything. So for the Redmond based technology giant, it is all about offering people productivity tools to get things done faster and easier.

Even more words:

“We have a revenue model and a business model, but to me the place where Microsoft can be distinct and where it comes naturally to us more so than anything else is from the creator of a document to a developer writing an app, to anyone else who is in the business of actually their own creation we want to be the tools provider.”

No denying that with Satya Nadella leading the charge at Microsoft, the company has become a lot more consumer centric, and is keen on putting the focus back on users.

This may have been the case towards the very end of Steve Ballmer’s tenure, but it is much more evident now. And these are clear statements, considering that there were some voices that suggested that Microsoft would be better off focusing solely on enterprises and businesses.

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