Things are finally starting to settle down after the stormy news of yesterday that Satya Nadella has taken charge as the CEO of Microsoft. Formerly the company’s cloud boss, the new CEO can now get down to the business of running the company.

And there are a whole lot of things that demand his attention too — from deciding on what is next for Windows, to bringing Office to more platforms, making the Surface brand a certified success, and so on.

Now, in case you were wondering what Nadella would actually receive at the helm of the company, in terms of monetary benefits, that is, then you can take a look at the offer Redmond’s HR department sent to the new CEO.

Here is the statement that Nadella received on February 3, one day before his official appointment.

A formality, really, but it does reveal that he will have an annual salary of $1.2 million (corresponding to €890,000). This is just the base salary, and he can avail other benefits and bonuses if he positively influences Microsoft’s performance.

Bonuses that are to the tune of up to $13.2 million for the fiscal year 2015.

And that’s not all, folks. Microsoft also has an Executive Incentive Program (EIP) that could bring Nadella additional rewards. If all goes according to plan he can actually triple his salary as early as next year.

Not bad for a loyal and hardworking employee.

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