Schools, not just in the United States, apparently, are choosing Chromebooks, and not Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 with Bing devices. According to Google, that is.

The search engine giant has finally responded to the Chromebook assault by Redmond.

Presiding over the Global Education Symposium, a gathering of education ministers from 18 countries, Google talked about how Chromebooks are fast becoming the favorite hardware of school students across the globe.

And it also shared some numbers.

This blog post has all the details, including how education institutions in California are choosing Chromebooks, and the company also reveals some statistics from market research firm IDC to help explain the situation.

Major deployments in 2014, for example, include 50,000 units in Montgomery Country, MD. Another shipment of 32,000 devices in Charlotte, NC. And some 26,000 Chromebooks for Cherry Creek, CO. Accomplishments, indeed, but we’ve already seen the signs.

Google claims that more than 40 million students are using these Chrome OS devices globally.

Countries like Malaysia have completely transitioned their national school systems to Chromebooks, and in fact, the company hopes these machines will help with education in unprivileged territories.

Microsoft hopes for something similar.

But it will take Redmond and friends some doing to best the $170 (€137) price tag that Google is targeting for newer Chromebook models that will make it even more convenient for schools to pick these devices up.

Take some doing alright.

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  1. From the articles I’ve read schools are buying Chromebooks and Windows hybrid laptops. They are also surprisingly buying a lot od iPads.

  2. I believe the best choise would be to buy Windows and together with the offer that Microsoft has for students, the productivity of schools and students would reach higher levels.

  3. It’ll bite ’em in the butt down the road, just like it did when schools were buying Apple 2’s and Macs. Found out in the real world everyone was using PCs and Microsoft software. Still pretty much the same.

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