Minecraft Windows Phone Port

Screenshot Confirms Minecraft Windows Phone Port

As if there was any doubt that a Minecraft Windows Phone port was not in development, we now have the first screenshot from a build of the game that is at internal testing.

At internal testing at Mojang, the developer.

Microsoft snapped up the company last month for a tidy sum of $2.5 billion, and it was only a matter of time before we heard news of the gaming coming to Redmond’s own platforms. And now we have official confirmation of sorts.

Tommasso Checchi, one of the developers at Mojang just confirmed in a series of tweets that an early build of Minecraft for Windows Phone has been completed.

It is in the earliest of development stages, though, and the beta will take a while to arrive:

No other information has been provided other than that on what we can expect from the game, or which versions of the operating system it will support.

The head of Microsoft’s Xbox team, Phil Spencer, however, confirmed earlier this year that Minecraft would be arriving on both Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1. Apparently, development started in late 2013, but bringing Minecraft to the Windows ecosystem turned out to be a lengthy process.

Windows Phones obviously use the DirectX API for rendering, as opposed to OpenGL that is prevalent on other mobile platforms like Android and iOS.

That said, Minecraft for Windows Phone is a sure thing now.