While recent rumors have detailed a lot about Nokia’s 41-megapixel deluxe Windows Phone, a fair amount of information was still under wraps — information like pricing, colors and even the name of the upcoming device.

Most circles called it the Lumia 1020, but at least one source claimed that the smartphone would retail as the Nokia 909, making it a follow-up to the 808 PureView, which was the first device to feature the 41-megapixel camera.

But a recent report at WPCentral reveals a whole bunch of new details that help to clear up this confusion. An insider from a Microsoft Store sent in a screenshot from the store inventory system, which actually confirms that the smartphone would be called the Nokia Lumia 1020. Whew!

Additionally, it seems that this particular Microsoft Store is set to stock three color variants, which include Black, White and Yellow.

However, AT&T, which will exclusively sell the device in the United States may offer more color options.

The Microsoft Store in question will receive the handsets on July 22, which makes it a week or so after the official unveiling of this smartphone at a July 11 event by Nokia. There is a fair chance that buyers will be able to get their hands on the device early August, if not sooner.

As for the pricing, it seems that the wholesale price of the device, the rate at which the Microsoft Store will get pay for the smartphone is $602. The actual contract price will probably be much closer to $700.

Contract pricing is still unknown at this time, but more information should hear our way closed to the official unveiling of the device next week.

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