Even though a large number of users have deployed the Windows 8.1 Preview, it is at the end of the day an early test version of the operating system, one that comes with a few bugs here and there.

Microsoft expects users that have installed the preview to report these issues so that everything is fixed before the launch of the RTM version.

According to a new post on Microsoft’s official support forums, scrolling on the Start screen appears to be laggy on some configurations. Interestingly, there is no set pattern here — nothing that can be pinned down to a graphics issue or specific hardware.

Nevertheless, plenty of users are reporting the same problem on their PCs and devices.

And since their system configurations are notably different, it seems like this is most likely a problem in the operating system itself, which hopefully Redmond fixes before the operating system is officially launched later this year.

The software titan has acknowledged the issue, and will take into account the problem to rectify it so that the Start screen works as it is supposed from the word go.

Windows 8.1 is expected to hit RTM status around August or September, and the final version of this operating system is on track for arrival in October.

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